Rebel raid 2014 aankondiging

Bericht uit Ierland via BartJan Bats:

IMG_5988Its been a few years since we were guests at the raid in Friesland & had the pleasure of sailing on your boat.
We have established the Rebel Raid in Cork Harbour & this will be its 3rd year.
Last year we had 40 people & 15 boats participate.
We got a small amount of funding from our local council this year to help invite some participants from mainland Europe.
Its on June 20-22nd & I have attached our event brochure (zie ‘Links’, Rebel raid).
Its a relaxed raid – more about exploring & enoying the natural beauty of Cork Harbour than serious racing.
Would you mind circulating it to your friends in the Dorestad raid? We can assist eithre with the cost of driving / flying over of one crew.
Alternatively if they want to fly here we can find space in local boats.
Obviously we would be delighted if you were able to make it & you could experience our traditional sailing currachs!