Groepsfoto’s Dorestad raid 2022

Joop has been the photographer of the group since years. Sadly he was absent this edition of the Dorestad raid because of illness. We tried to make a picture of the group without him. Not happy with the result I asked advise to Joop and sent him the printed picture bij post.

The answer of Joop, translated: First advise to the photographer is that you have more chance of succes if you don’t stand behind the group, but in front of the group. But it is ok for the privacy. Second: grab the greatest talker by the lashes and put him in a prominent position.

I sent him our better version a day later by post.

Joop: The photographer is now truly in front of the group, much better! This is a good memory. Progressive understanding!

Dank Joop! Dirk