Terms and conditions

There are inherent safety risks associated with the use of small sailboats and rowboats. All participants of the Dorestad raid, and all other sailing and / or rowing elements organized by Natuurlijk Varen, take part for their own account and at their own risk. Natuurlijk Varen and the organizers accept no responsibility or liability for any injury of participants or damage to their boat(s) or property. Participants are themselves liable for damage or injury caused by them to other participants or third parties. 

1.  I agree that I am aware of the inherent risks associated with the use of small sailboats and rowboats and to have read and endorsed the above statement. 

2. I hereby declare to participate entirely and at my own risk and not to hold Natuurlijk Varen or the organizers of the event liable for any injury or damage. 

3. I declare that I am adequately prepared and have the required sailing skills for safe participation. 

4. I declare that my boat and associated equipment are suitable for safe participation. 

5. I declare that I have taken all necessary measures to participate in a safe manner.

6. I declare all the above also on behalf of my entire crew and I am authorized to do so by my entire crew.